April 28th, 2021


April Update

I'm fine, as well as all my animals. I've been doing lots of home plumbing lately.

The well pump went out after only 6-1/2 years, but I managed to replace it myself, with help from neighbors in pulling the bad pump and line out of the ground. I installed a more powerful, and what I hope is a better quality pump. My parts cost was about $600, and I saved something like $5000 in doing it myself.

I also replaced the sink drains, pipes and garbage disposal for the double kitchen sink. The most frustrating part was taking one drain out. It took all sorts of technique to get the bottom and top drain separated. When I finally got it out, I could see that not only was the original installation incorrect, but parts were missing from the drain assembly. This entry was originally posted at http://www.dreamwidth.org/12345.html. Please comment here, there, and everywhere.