Risky Robby (robby) wrote,
Risky Robby

Last Post Of 2020

I'm a little surprised how the kitten has bonded to me. She'll follow me into the dog yard to watch me pick up dog poop, then sits next to me in the cat yard when I'm petting the orange cat. I halfway expected that eventually she would want to stay outside with the other cats, but after maybe two hours, she wants to come in.

The tuxedo cat wants to be inside more, so lately he'll spend the afternoon sleeping on my bed. He's finally over that upper respiratory virus, after a year and at least 3 courses of antibiotics. He's put on weight, and seems happy. He has a heating pad in his sleeping box in the garage.

Halo and Dinah are feeling well and we all enjoy our epic morning walks.

I plan on cleaning the house tomorrow, in preparation for the New Year. This entry was originally posted at http://www.dreamwidth.org/12345.html. Please comment here, there, and everywhere.

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