Risky Robby (robby) wrote,
Risky Robby

Dogs, Cats, Canning and Gardening

The Covid-19 test positivity for my county is now down 4%, which is a good thing.

I'm still taking the dogs for long morning walks. Halo leads us, as always, while Dinah hunts rabbits and mice.
Dinah also keeps aggressive dogs at a distance. Two were bothering us, and Dinah kicked their asses. I helped her by shooting pepper spray, but Dinah knocked one down, and then went after the other, an 80lb german shepherd. This neighborhood is full of aggressive dogs, and I'm glad that Dinah will protect us.

I saw a white/grey adult cat out where I found my kitten. It was quite large, especially for a feral, and was hunting mice. It could possibly be my kitten's mother.

I need to pick peppers, then I need to pull out all the pepper plants, except for the oldest one, from 2019. It's been a warm winter, and I think that one will again survive the winter.

I also need to dry plums in the dehydrator, and start canning squash and making lemon marmalade. This entry was originally posted at http://www.dreamwidth.org/12345.html. Please comment here, there, and everywhere.

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