Risky Robby (robby) wrote,
Risky Robby

Odd Anxiety Dream

I had a drawn-out anxiety dream about a female corpse. Twelve hours later,the details that I recall are: I noticed mice swarming outside, so I went in the house to get my pellet rifle. It was in a bedroom, where apparently some unknown young women's corpse was lying in state. I just wanted my rifle, but my eldest sister didn't want me to go in there to get it. There was apparently a crowd of people that had come to the house to pay respects to the deceased.

The dream ended as I woke up to let the dogs out, but I went back to sleep, and the dream continued. This time, I was at the actual funeral for this unknown young woman, She was in a glass coffin, posed strangely, as if she was asleep. She was mid-20's blonde woman with styled hair reminiscent of the 1960's.

A male friend (who has passed away in real life), was there next to me, and he asked me if the display bothered me. I told him that I can handle anything pretty well, so I was OK. In truth, the whole display seemed to me to be garish and bizarre. People were lining up to view the corpse, and paying their respects, even taking off their shoes as a sign of reverence. This entry was originally posted at http://www.dreamwidth.org/12345.html. Please comment here, there, and everywhere.

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